Canne della Battaglia:

Located halfway between the town of Barletta and Canosa di Puglia, near the wonderful Gargano Promontory, Canne della Battaglia is the site of the battle between the Romans and Carthaginians took place in 216 BC, a story still well preserved in the Archaeological Park of Rods battle.

The well-known settlement of Cannae develops in the Valley dell'Ofanto, theater epic battle between the Romans and Carthaginians during the Second Punic War, which saw the battle of the latter led by Hannibal.

The fascinating archaeological park offers visitors many opportunities archaeological as the majestic walls, the wonderful Antiquarium, the museum in which are preserved materials ranging neolithic age to the middle ages, and from which, passing an antique door you reach the Citadel, where are preserved the remains of the early Christian era, the Roman and medieval times.

Near the highest point of the hill where it is located Canne, are the Minor Basilica and the Basilica greater. To the south-east of the city is situated on the other hand the Apulian village, in which was found a large amount of ancient bones, probably due to the event of war. These extraordinary places of great historical interest are visited by tourists, historians and the curious from around the world...see panoramio

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