Dolmen of Giovinazzo and Bisceglie:

Territory of Giovinazzo - Dolmen's Eve

The Dolmen of "San Silvestro", based on the dating of the human remains found, can be placed in the Bronze Age, over a period of time ranging from 1500 to 1200 BC, although some archaeologists believe the oldest and built on same site, already attended in the Neolithic Age. The particularity of the Dolmen Giovinazzo is given by the fact that it is arranged, unlike other, with the input that looks east, while the burial chamber is facing west.

Territory of Bisceglie

- Dolmen della Chianca (also known as "dolmen of Bisceglie"), the best known. Chianca The term refers to the stone slab that acts as a cover. It is located not far from the border with the territory of Ruvo.

- Dolmen Frisari, distant as the crow flies 400 m from the previous year. Named after the owner of the land. It is located on the left bank of the "blade dell'Aglio", near the border with the current territories of Molfetta and Ruvo di Puglia, not far from the "tower Navarrino of Molfetta.

- Dolmen di Albarosa, in the direction Bisceglie-Corato.

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