Museum of Bitonto:

The building in which the Foundation is an important example of residential architecture of the late nineteenth century; consists of two floors: the ground floor houses the archaeological museum and archive pre-unification while the first floor there is the archive post-unification Nineveh and art gallery, which opened in June 2005 and contains forty paintings by the artist Bitonto Nicholas Tullo.

The archaeological museum was inaugurated March 31, 2000 with the permanent exhibition entitled 'The ancient Peucezi Bitonto. Documents and images from the necropolis of the Via Traiana '.

Divided into four sections, exhibits funerary objects unearthed at Bitonto and dated between the sixth and the third century. B.C.

These objects are related to the practice of the symposium (craters, vases, dishes, etc..) Of elements from the life of the athlete and warrior (belt, helmet, spear, etc..) And the ball (necklaces, brooches, loom weights, etc..).

In May 2004 was inaugurated the V section of the museum, the result of research carried out in recent years in the necropolis of Ruvo and Bitonto.


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