Museum of Conversano:

The Archaeological Museum of Conversano, located at the Monastery of St. Benedict, is home to numerous finds in the territory of the south-east of Bari.

The oldest materials consist of stone tools of the Middle and Upper Paleolithic, from caves of Conversano and Monopoli. The Neolithic cultures come from settlements VI - III century BC territories Rutigliano, Polignano, Monopoli.

Interesting are the pottery culture of Serra d'Alto. For the Metal Age, Eneolithic to the Bronze Age and the Iron Age, the finds have been located throughout the area south-east of Bari. The appropriations from the Archaic period of full age and historical materials are documented and Japigi peucezi (buckets. IX - VI BC), which is accompanied by materials imported from Greece and colonial. Rich is the archaeological record on indigenous village-Latin, Norba - "The Fort". The period best represented and 'the Hellenistic, including fine pottery of the fourth century. B.C.

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