Gravina Museum:

The palace Pomarici Santomasi is a building of the seventeenth century, but without architectural grandeur, stately home which comes to light immediately. In 1797, the King and Queen of Naples, in their journey in Puglia stopped twice in Gravina: Sovereigns were lodged in the Palazzo Ducale, but the minister Acton and other personalities of the follow-Royal, they found precisely in the Palace Pomarici Santomasi worthy hospitality.

On the facade of the 'building is affixed to time the following inscription: ETTORE POMARICI Santomasi "Dying in 1917 without a male heir, donated to the Municipality of Gravina because together with the servants remember there were laid up those memories towns, this one's ancestral palace which was the Santomasi, substantial citizens Gravina and then passed by inheritance to the Pomarici noble montepelosani which, taken stationed here, were for a century and a half of the adoptive home decor - MCMXXI. "

The Foundation "Ettore Pomarici Santomasi" is proposed as a fact that emphasizes the structuring its operations, the ability to interact, weaving a dense network on the territory of activity that can give a concrete demonstration of the level of historic civilization achieved.

Located in the heart of the historical center of the city, is the result of sublimated desire of the worthy Baron Hector Pomarici Santomasi, the last male representative, who with specific testamentary disposition, after his death on 07.12.1917, thanks to the legacy tied up in favor of the City of Gravina, ordered it to be erected in the non-profit organization in 1920, with RDn ° 1761 of 28/11/1920.

The Foundation is dedicated to his name, is made from the Museum-Gallery-Library-Historical Archive and an extensive farm. more


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